Quest Sells Out, Half-Life Tops SteamVR & Our VR Awards! VRecap


Happy New Year! We’re back with another healthy helping of VR news, summing up some of the stories from the festive break!

A handful of headlines broke over the holidays. For starters, it’s getting harder and harder to get your hands on an Oculus Quest. The kit was completely sold out over Christmas and it’s now expected to reach new buyers in late February. What will you do in the meantime? Well you probably won’t be buying a Valve Index, which is back-ordered too.

Elsewhere, Superhot is celebrating making a bunch more money, having raked in $2 million over the holiday period across all platforms. Will the excellent VR shooter ever stop churning out cash?

Well Steam’s top-selling VR games for the year suggests not; Superhot is one of many top-ranking titles on this year’s list. Other hits like Beat Saber and Blade & Sorcery also topped the list, whereas pre-orders for Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx are also high enough to be recognized. Cripes.

Finishing up, we’ve got the reveal of our 2019 awards. If you missed the full show where we went over the winners, make sure to check in with the big list; we covered a lot of ground!

No big releases this week, so we haven’t got a round-up or a competition to talk about, but they’ll be back next week should everything go according to plan. Plus we’re still going through some of your comments from the Christmas break.

And that’s it. Time for a weekend already! CES is next week, so expect the VRecap to return to full strength very soon.

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