Quest Fitness App 'Supernatural' Now Offers Annual Subscriptions, Starting at $149


Supernatural (2020), the VR fitness app for Oculus Quest, kicked off its subscription service late last month, offering up a fun and engaging gameified fitness routine for $19 per month. Now the developers Within have included an annual subscription option to lower the cost of entry.

From now until May 31st, would-be subscribers will be able to plonk down $149 for 12 months of access to Supernatural, which effectively brings the price down to $12.42 per month.

Starting June 1st, the annual subscription price goes up to $199 (~$16.60 per month), although if you lock in before that date you’ll be able to keep the $149 price moving forward.

The $19 per-month tier will still exist, however if you’re looking to commit to the game long-term, you’ll be able to do it a bit cheaper overall.

In addition, Within is tossing out free sweat-proof silicone liners to new subscribers as long as supplies last.

We gave Supernatural a respectable [7.7/10] in our review for its highly polished visuals and engaging (if not well-tread) gameplay. Based on the same block-slashing concept as Beat Saber (2018), Supernatural differentiates itself by adding in extended workouts to popular music, which are guided by digitized personal trainers. Integrated fitness tracker support also allows you to include your heartbeat stats, making for a well-rounded way of tracking your fitness goals.

Supernatural offers a 30-day free trial, so whether you find its growing list of Beat Saber-style workouts an acceptable stand-in for the gym, or conversely not substantial enough, at least you have the freedom to try it out and find out for yourself.

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