PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.0 update adds bombing zones, emotes and more


PUBG Mobile Lite, the smaller and lighter version of PUBG Mobile has been updated to version 0.14.0. As one might expect, the update adds a bunch of new features and fixes. Here’s the changelog of the new update:

  • New WP theme and rewards
  • New outfits added
  • Updated system settings
  • Added customization guide
  • Added emotes
  • Improved UI & update pack size
  • Improved graphics
  • Battle parameters improved
  • Increased accuracy of RPG-7
  • Added bombing zones

The addition of emotes as well as new outfits should make the game more similar to the standard version of PUBG Mobile. It should also be noted that the game will now feature bombing zones, which should add a new layer of strategy to the game. It should be noted that PUBG Mobile Lite features a much smaller map. As such, it should make the red zone much more dangerous. 

We also noted a new more additions that weren’t a part of the changelog. The main menu now features a pickup truck in the background. Currently, the game only offers a smaller version of Erangel for players to play on. Considering the fact that the pickup truck is unique to the Miramar map, it is possible that the developers may add a smaller version of the desert map to PUBG Mobile Lite soon.

Further, there is now an option for ‘Beta’ on the map selection screen. But that is locked for now. It is not yet confirmed how the beta will function, but judging be the current PUBG Mobile Beta. It will give players and developers to try out new features before they are made available to everyone else.

Finally, loot drop locations are now shown on the map from the moment it releases from the plane. This means that everyone will now know exactly will the loot crate will drop, even before it lands. This makes rushing the crate a risky choice considering the fact that they may get ambushed at any time. 

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