PSVR Exclusive MOBA Dark Eclipse Shutting Down In June


Things weren’t to be for PSVR exclusive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Dark Eclipse.

The game, which made its debut on the platform back in 2018, will be shutting down online servers on June 15. Even the game’s single-player mode is going offline. The official Twitter account made the announcement in its first update in nearly a year.

Dark Eclipse hoped to become the DOTA2 of VR, offering a free to play experience where players command hero units on the battlefield. But support for the game dried up not long after launch, with its final content update going live in March 2019. The game’s DLC and buyable in-game currency, Dark Coins, were removed from the PlayStation Store last July.

We gave the game 6/10 at launch. It seemed like a fun take on the genre, but had a few too many issues for us to fully recommend. “But for those who want to try another genre, or mashup to be more specific, and think they might like a slower game where players take their time to implement a strategy, than Dark Eclipse is worth a look,” we wrote.

It’s not uncommon for multiplayer VR games to be taken offline relatively quickly. The relatively low install base of headsets makes it hard to maintain a high player base and it can be expensive to keep servers running. Starblood Arena was another decent PSVR exclusive that suffered the same fate a few years ago.

Have any fun memories of Dark Eclipse? Let us know in the comments below.

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