PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Gets New Game + And More Today


Think you’re done with PSVR exclusive shooter, Blood & Truth? Think again.

The Sony London-developed game gets its first drop of free DLC today. The team’s Stuart Whyte confirmed as much on Twitter. Headlining the drop is a New Game + mode which will allow you to replay the campaign with your progress from an existing playthrough intact. That means you’ll get to keep your new weapons and any customizations you might have made for them. Replaying earlier levels with heavier firepower could be a lot of fun. It’ll also remember the stars and targets you’ve already shot.

Also added in this update are new leaderboards and challenges. Blood & Truth’s challenges test your gun-fu by taking you back to previously visited areas to shoot targets as quickly and accurately as possible. And leaderboards are, well, pretty self-explanatory.

Sony London previously told us Blood & Truth would be getting several DLC drops, all of which will be free. We also know a new difficulty mode is on the way, but no word yet on when.

This is a good reason to jump back into one of PSVR’s best shooters.

“Sony’s London Studio should be proud of what they’ve accomplished here by turning the brief London Heist demo from PlayStation VR Worlds into a fully-fledged narrative that features some of the best performances we’ve seen in VR yet,” we said in our 8.5/10 review. “The action is pulse-pounding and so bombastic it rivals even the biggest summer blockbusters.”

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