PSVR 2 Controllers, Dreams VR Support & Win Ghost Giant on Quest! – VRecap


What’s cooking in the delicious stew that is the VR industry? Find out with this week’s VRecap!

It’s been a busy week, probably a little too busy for February. Can we ask that literally nothing happens next week to balance it out?

Anyway, our first story this week concerns a new patent from Sony. This time it’s for what looks like VR motion controllers with sensors for finger tracking. It looks very similar to what’s already been in other other VR controllers, so we’re hoping this might be a feature for PSVR 2. Not that we know PSVR 2 is happening, of course, because Sony seems determined to just not announce anything about its products anymore. WHERE IS THE PS5 SONY?!

Ahem, moving on. We’re also talking Dreams and developer Media Molecule assuring us the VR support isn’t far out. We’ll be using it to make a reality in which Sony announces the PS5.

Finally on the news front there’s a raft of HTC announcements including new Cosmos faceplates and even a new concept headset. Will any of these reveals help the company claim the top spot in the VR market? We’ll be keeping a close eye on them to find out.

Over to releases, where two anticipated Oculus Quest ports are in the spotlight. In fact we’re giving one of them, Ghost Giant, away right here in this post! This remains one of our favorite VR games, so make sure not to miss it. And, to wrap up, we’re going over your comments as per usual.

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Ghost Giant On Oculus Quest!

Other Top News of the Week:

Features of the Week:

Okay, that’s all. Let us know what stories tickled your fancy this week!

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