PS5 Specs, Quest Updates And Win BoxVR! – VRecap


Hope you’re staying safe indoors! We’ve got our weekly news roundup to help you catch up with any headlines you might’ve missed.

Fortunately, it’s a pretty busy week so we might be able to take your mind off of things. First up, there’s the official reveal of the PS5 specs, long speculated, now known to the world. Sony announced the specs in a very long and complicated stream earlier this week. There it also snuck in the news that PS5 won’t be able to play every PS4 game at launch. What does this mean for PSVR support? Sony hasn’t yet said, but we’ll hopefully find out soon.

Next, Facebook essentially held GDC all by itself this week with big updates on Quest. The standalone headset is getting a brand new user-interface and, more importantly, a heck of a lot of brand new games too. Beat Saber updates, Phantom: Covert Ops dates and Echo VR alphas, we’ve got the lot.

Finally, rounding out the VR trinity, we’ve got an update on Half-Life: Alyx. You can pre-load the game ready for release on Monday… right now! Yes, now. What are you waiting for? It unlocks at 10am on the 23rd, which is when we’ll have our full review too!

We’re also going over your comments for the week, talking about how coronavirus might impact the VR arcade industry. Oh, and we’re giving you a chance to win BoxVR, the perfect game for keeping fit at home.

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Here are other top stories that didn’t make it into the VRecap this week:

Okay, that’s you sorted for the week. We’ll see you in seven days. Why not check out some other headlines in the meantime?

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