Pro Putt Is A Mario Golf-Inspired Quest Game By TopGolf


Next week on May 28th Oculus Quest is getting a new golf game in the form of Pro Putt. This Mario Golf-inspired golf game is designed in collaboration with TopGolf and is developed by Golf Scope.

I’ve only ever been golfing once in my entire life and had a really fun time, but I’ve been to my share of putt putt courses. I’m pretty bad, but it’s still fun. The great thing about golf games in VR though is that they have a great magic of making you feel like you’re better at the real sport than you actually are.

Pro Putt will feature online multiplayer with friends, bots, or a random player via matchmaking with a variety of game modes called TopGolf Classic, Top Pressure, Quick 9, and Quick 9 Pro in the Putt Lounge course. The game claims to utilize a “highly accurate physics model” for the ball’s roll and movement. The developers behind the game also have a mobile app that uses your camera to understand topography and offer putting insights. There will also be a full campaign with unlockable game modes, collectible golf balls, and several courses.

Notably, there’s already a very good golf game available on Oculus Quest ported over from PC called Cloudlands 2. It’s main differentiating feature is that it includes a level editor and the ability to download custom levels from other players, as well as a local multiplayer “pass the headset” style mode for in-person gatherings.

Pro Putt releases for Oculus Quest on May 28th. Let us know what you think of it down in the comments below!

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