Porsche Puzzles People With New "Electricity Talks" Campaign


First, we found a video on a YouTube channel called electricity. It’s a new channel and only has three videos. As you can see, there’s an “eye” that’s clearly blinking out a code. If you didn’t immediately realize it, it’s the London Eye relaying a Morse code message. 

With the all-new, all-electric Porsche Taycan coming soon, the automaker appears to be having a bit of fun here. The video is a short speech (really just a single sentence) as part of the new Porsche “Electricity Talks” campaign.

The second video (below ) is actually on Porsche’s official YouTube channel, though it is said that the person creating it has “taken over” the channel. There are hashtags in the video descriptions (#DecodeTheEye and #ElectricityTalks) that took us to several Twitter shares. We’ve included a few below. At the bottom of the article, we reveal the message, so if you want to try to figure it out for on your own, don’t look.

Video Description via electricity on YouTube (above ↑):

See my full speech and #DecodeTheEye

Hey World, this is what I had to get off my chest. Do you get it?
Then go ahead and spread the word. #ElectricityTalks


Video Description via Porsche on YouTube:

Hey Porsche, watch this video. Love, Electricity

Hey, friends of Porsche. I took over the Porsche YouTube channel and created this video for you. This is what I really want to get off my chest. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Love, Electricity


For those who haven’t figure out the official message or didn’t intend to try, it is as follows:


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