Pokemon Go Will Let You Switch Teams For 1,000 Coins


Pokemon Go Will Let You Switch Teams For 1,000 Coins

Pokemon Go players who made a grave mistake in joining the red, blue or yellow team can pay to change their decision. The new feature will be available with the purchase of a Team Medallion that costs 1,000 PokeCoins in the shop. Players can change their team once per year.

“When you decide to activate it, you’ll be guided through the team-selection screens to choose your new team,” according to developer Niantic.

The Team Medallion in Pokemon Go allows players to change their team from red, blue or yellow once per year.

Back when I started my journey in Pokemon Go with my family I didn’t realize the value of joining the same team. My kid, for instance, went on the yellow team “Instinct” led by Spark since it was her favorite color. My wife and I, however, selected team “Mystic” and their leader Blanche since we liked the color blue. Out in the world, though, this means our little family isn’t always united against the unwashed masses of Pokemon collectors out there. Even in a battle together against a red gym (Candela/Valor) that fight in the digital realm can expand to the physical one when we can’t decide whether blue or yellow gets to keep the gym.

Those unnecessary fights can also waste items powering up Pokemon in petty squabbles. No more, not with the Team Medallion. Now we can pool our resources and accomplish great Poke-feats together.

The new feature goes live in Pokemon Go on February 26 at 1 pm Pacific time.

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