Pistol Whip Trailer Coming Monday Sept. 23 At 10 AM Pacific


Canada-based Cloudhead Games is planning to premiere the first full trailer for its upcoming VR game Pistol Whip on Monday, Sept. 23 at 10 am Pacific.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in Monday for an exclusive interview with Cloudhead as the company offers the first detailed look at the game since its reveal during our E3 VR Showcase earlier this year.

Here’s the four-minute segment in case you missed it:

At this point we’ve put quite a few hours into the John Wick-inspired game in recent weeks but we’ve agreed not to share any impressions or gameplay footage until we have a more complete version of the title in our hands. Cloudhead is a groundbreaking VR studio and their previous titles, The Gallery Episode 1 and 2, are multi-hour puzzle and exploration games in the tradition of Myst. The studio’s early VR design work with room-scale and hand controllers helped popularize some techniques, like their  “blink” teleport system.

Earlier this year the team also worked on Valve’s Aperture Hand Labs demo, a short introduction to the new Index controllers.

Pistol Whip is quite the departure, then, from Cloudhead’s earlier work. I decided to visit the studio’s offices on Vancouver Island and interview the creators to better understand how they built the game. We’ll have that for you on our YouTube channel Monday morning and highly recommend subscribing and tuning in. The reveal from Cloudhead should help kick off an enormous week for the emerging VR industry that will see a Sony State Of Play update as well as Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6.

Cloudhead released a 20-second teaser for the game ahead of the reveal.

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