Paytm is forcing users to uninstall TeamViewer, AnyDesk apps to prevent fraud


Paytm is asking users to uninstall apps like TeamViewer and AnyDesk. Recently, it was reported that fraudsters were able to con a Paytm customer based in Mumbai about Rs 1,72,000 by simply asking them to update their KYC details. The fraudster threatened the victim to block his Paytm account if he didn’t update his KYC details. 

When the victim tried to upload his KYC details, he was asked to download the TeamViewer app and send one rupee to any Paytm user. Now, courtesy of TeamViewer, the fraudsters were able to access the victim’s Paytm login details. He used the details to transact Rs 1,72,000 from the victim’s bank account. However, the fraudsters were later nabbed. 

In the midst of fraud and spams, Paytm is now taking matters in its own hands and blocking its customers from using the service as long as they have TeamViewer installed on their phones. As a result of the recent fraud, Paytm’s developers have blacklisted multiple TeamViewer apps.

Paytm is now suggesting users uninstall the TeamViewer app before using their services. TeamViewer is also separately in touch with the digital wallet over its concerns. The company says their apps are secure thanks to end-to-end encryption, suggesting that they shouldn’t be the subject of contention here. 

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