Path of the Warrior Gets Co-op with Cross-play Between Quest & Rift


Oculus-exclusive VR beat ’em up Path of the Warrior got a new update today enabling co-op, including cross-play between Quest & Rift.

Published by Oculus Studios, developer Twisted Pixel launched Path of the Warrior last month on Quest and Rift. The title reimagines beat ’em up action for VR from classics like Double Dragon (1987) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game (1989).

While the co-op feature was announced at launch, it wasn’t available until today. A free update added Path of the Warrior co-op multiplayer, letting you team up with a friend across all single player levels.

Better still, the game also supports cross-buy (if you buy on Rift, you can also play it on Quest and vice versa) and cross-play, which means that Quest and Rift players can play co-op together.

Not segmenting players by headset is a good idea, not only because it opens more avenues for friends to play together, but also because it helps bolster the multiplayer population of a given VR game. We’d love to see more games which go even further by offering cross-platform multiplayer (like playing between Quest and Vive), but unfortunately Path of the Warrior is an Oculus exclusive which means it’s only available on select Oculus headsets.

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