Over 500 Tesla Model 3 Were Registered In Norway This Month


21 H BY


The number of Model 3 registrations is one of the highest for the month in Norway.

Deliveries of Tesla Model 3 in Norway are already progressing. We don’t know the exact number, but we assume at least double-digit result as Tesla Owners Club Norway reported the first 10 on February 17.

It could be already three-digits, as more than 550 Model 3 were registered this month in Norway, compared to 17 in January. The Nissan LEAF is just slightly above at over 570.

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The regular volume deliveries are just starting, but at least taking into consideration the registrations number, Model 3 should be one of the top models in the country (maybe within the top 5).

We are eagerly awaiting final numbers, which will appear in a few days.

Source: Tesla Owners Club Norway

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