Oculus Quest Manual Software Update Process Clarified


Facebook clarified its process for updating Oculus Quest to the latest software version.

Facebook representatives reiterated in a recent forum post that “with each software update, we roll out the release gradually to ensure stability of the software.” This complete roll-out usually takes “a few days” and begins with “a percentage of users” whenever the company shares release notes.

The version “9” update to Quest brought the ability to manually update Quest software by visiting “Settings > About > Software Update to check if there is an available software update.” Essentially, then, if Facebook posts release notes for a new version of Quest’s system software you may still need to wait a few days before that manual update button sees the update available.

This week Facebook started rolling out version “10” of the Quest software with new features, like improved Chromecast streaming. Various discussion threads online indicated confusion, though, with not all buyers clear on how the updates to Quest’s system are done.

“We start each rollout with a percentage of our global users and ramp that percentage up over time,” the forum post states. “Other users in your region receiving an update is not a good signal that the update should be available for you as well, but you can typically expect to receive the update within a few days.”

So, to reiterate, Facebook says “if there is an available update for your Oculus Quest or Oculus Go device, it will download the update automatically if the device is on and in sleep mode. If you are currently using your headset or it is fully powered off, it will not download the update during that time. The next time the device is powered on and left in sleep mode, it will download the update. We recommend plugging your device in to ensure that it has enough power to complete the update process. Alternatively, you can use the new manual software update option to search for an available update.”

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