Oculus' Multiplayer Shooter 'Dead and Buried II' Just Got a Huge Update on Quest & Rift


Oculus just dropped a surprise update to Dead and Buried II and they even saw fit to give its own subtitle: Reloaded. The free update brings new modes, maps, weapons, and characters.

Dead and Buried II is Oculus’ first-party multiplayer shooter with cross-play between Quest and Rift. Launched backed in 2019, the game had a modest reception, and it seemed from the outside like Oculus would leave it as is. Today however, the company launched the Dead and Buried II: Reloaded update which substantially expands the game.

The free update comes to both the Quest and Rift versions of the game and adds three new modes, Survival, Horde, and Quickdraw:

Survival mode is a completely new game mode where you survive hordes of enemies with three of your friends as you collect energy orbs to continue through the maps. It includes three new maps located in the Fort, Canyon, and Alpine.

Quickdraw and Horde modes are back by popular demand, bringing some of the original Dead and Buried’s flavor to Dead and Buried II: Reloaded. Quickdraw is played 1v1 in the Main Town, while Horde mode includes four maps and four unique bosses in the Courthouse, Theatre, Saloon, and Spookytown. Horde is played co-op with up to four players or bots.

The original modes modes are getting new maps. Shootout sees the addition of four new maps, supporting 3 vs. 3 matches with the option to play with bots. Deathmatch, a six player free-for-all (also with bot-fill), is getting two new maps, Spookytown and Alpine.

But wait, there’s more! The update also brings five new weapons—Jawbone Tomahawk, Lightning Trap, Slime Trap, Sawhawk, and Skull Cannon—and new two characters for players to choose from.

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This is a surprisingly substantial update for Dead and Buried which looks to have significantly expanded the scope of the game without raising the game’s price. A good thing too, as the game is a great way for Quest and Rift players to play with (or against) each other.

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