Oculus Go Now Permanently Priced at $150, All Supported Countries to See Similar Drop


Facebook slashed the price of Oculus Go for Black Friday, and kept it for the post-holiday season. Now, the company has confirmed that it’s permanently sticking with that pricing scheme, which comes to $150 for the 32GB version and $200 for the $64GB version.

Residents in the Euro Zone will find both Oculus Go variants for €160/€220, and for £140/£190 in the UK. Regional Amazon sites and Oculus.com currently reflect the new permanent price.

Facebook confirmed the pricing scheme with UploadVR, stating that “Oculus Go is now priced at $149 USD, which is equal to a $50 price drop. We are applying comparable discounts across all countries where Go is sold. Updated pricing is rolling out to all channels.”

Launched in May 2018 for $200/$250, Oculus Go was the company’s first standalone VR headset. It’s major claim to fame was its low-friction appeal to new VR users, which gave access to a respectable library of games and experiences that were generated over the life cycle of its smartphone-driven predecessor, Samsung Gear VR.

Image courtesy Oculus

Like Gear VR, Oculus Go only has head tracking (three degrees of freedom) and comes with a single controller, which is basically targeted at casual users looking for an easy way to either consume media or play simpler games than you might find on the company’s $400/$450 positionally-tracked standalone, Oculus Quest.

Granted, you probably won’t see many new games or apps being created for Go, as it largely benefited from the company’s previous content investment for Gear VR. It is however an absolute steal if you’re looking for a dedicated media device for Netflix/Hulu/YouTube viewing and don’t mind the lack of VR’s most compelling games, which by design can only be played on either PC VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or Valve Index, or Oculus Quest.

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