Oculus Exclusive 'Star Wars Vader Immortal' Coming to PSVR This Summer


Admit it. You’ve been wanting to try out the Oculus exclusive series Star Wars Vader Immortal since it first came to Rift and Quest last year. Now ILMxLAB says it’s preparing to bring the award-winning narrative adventure series to PSVR.

Vader Immortal is coming to PSVR this summer, ILMxLAB Creative Executive Producer Mark S. Miller announced in a PS blog post. Unlike its trilogy-style, piecemeal roll-out on Rift and Quest, the PSVR version is coming out in a single package, Miller says.

Although it’s not a full-blown Star Wars VR game, leaning more towards the ‘cinematic experience’ spectrum, Vader Immortal offers some of the most immersive environments, character design, story, and atmosphere we’ve ever seen in VR. Yes, the story mode part of the game is entirely scripted, and doesn’t offer much in the way of a challenge to complete when it does throw action your way, but it’s still an absolute blast to wield a lightsaber and get face-to-face with the tall dark and not-so-handsome Sith lord himself.

And once you’re done with the story, you can hone your Jedi skills in one of three ‘lightsaber dojos’, which present some of the best, most challenging wave-based combat out there. You might think that’s not saying much, but it actually turned out to be a highlight of the adventure on our first go around on Quest.

In fact, we liked the first episode so much we gave it Road to VR’s 2019 Oculus Quest Game of the Year.

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