Oculus Brings 'Slo Mo Guys' 3D Mini-series to Quest and Go, but not Rift


With the help of Oculus, YouTube sensation The Slo Mo Guys has launched an eight-part mini-series on Oculus Quest via Oculus TV. The mini-series brings the channel’s signature high-speed footage into the 3D realm.

In the latest example of Oculus’ unfortunately segmented ecosystem, Oculus has brought a new Slo Mo Guys mini-series to its mobile headsets (Quest, Go, and Gear VR) via Oculus TV, an app which unfortunately isn’t available on the company’s Rift headsets.

The footage is shot as 180° 3D video with segments captured at 1,000 frames per second for that sweet slow-motion action. The eight-part mini-series covers classic slow motion fodder like fire breathing, katana slicing, and colored powder bombs, as well as some lesser seen stuff like rubber bands around a watermelon.

Image courtesy The Slo Mo Guys

Below all of the episodes on Oculus TV are linked which allows you to use the ‘Save to VR’ button to bookmark the episodes to watch later on your mobile Oculus headset:

Anti-Fire Grenades
Betwixt the wood lies a fiery agent of destruction. You’ve heard of fighting fire with fire. Well, take a peek at The Slow Mo Guys’ most modern method to date: fighting fire with a grenade. Safety first!

Inside a Dome of Sparks
Under the cover of night, Gavin and Dan explore the beauty of the cosmos for a VR experience unlike any other. You could fool yourself into believing that this is some distant, twisting galaxy…

Katana Slicing
Revisiting the razor-sharp capabilities of the samurai sword, Gavin and Dan take another swing at those pesky water-filled bottles and gleefully show us the colorful results.

Fire Breathing
There’s a reason fire breathing is an art form, and not a sport. But Gavin and Dan have discovered the key to making it fun, competitive, and—just like all great sports—they’ve raised the stakes. In a flame-engulfing VR experience like nothing else you’ve witnessed, “The Slow Mo Guys Go Fire Breathing” is an unmissable episode.

Jelly Tennis Splats
Why buy tickets to Wimbledon when you can experience the thrill of the perfect serve with The Slow Mo Guys’ very own Jelly Tennis Tournament? It’s the same spectacle, better tasting, and stranger in sound.

Rubber Bands VS Watermelons
Ever wondered how many rubber bands it takes to cut a watermelon in half? Gavin and Dan have got you—and their lab coats—covered. You can’t quite catch the scent of summer fruits, but this VR experience will trick you into trying to dodge the splatter.

Rainbow Paint Bathtub Splash
Splashing around in a bathtub isn’t only for kids and rubber ducks. Witness Gavin and Dan’s return to recreate the legendary Inception scene with a wet, messy, and colorful twist.

Powder Paint Airbag Explosions
Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle while we remotely detonate these airbags. Gavin and Dan discover what happens when you mix Holi powder, airbags, and a determination to turn destruction into decoration.

It’s a bummer that this content isn’t available more widely across Oculus’ ecosystem simply because the Oculus TV app isn’t available on Rift, but this is one part of a systemic division between the company’s mobile and PC headsets.

We’ve seen Oculus repeatedly struggle to unite its headsets into a cohesive ecosystem by not offering consistent apps and functionality across all of its headsets. Similarly, we’ve seen how Quill Theater has brought curated VR artwork, animations, and stories to Quest but not to Rift. Same for Oculus Venues, which lets Oculus’ mobile headsets watch live events with friends. And not to mention the way that Oculus is rapidly pushing experimental features like hand-tracking to Quest while its PC headset remains mostly static.

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