Number Of Plug-In Electric Models In U.S. Exceeded 40 In 2018


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In 2019, several were dropped, but a few were added

According to the U.S. DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, the number of plug-in electric cars available in the U.S. increased from two in 2010 to 41 in 2018. The model counts only names, not various versions of the same model. The other thing is that many models are available only in some states, instead nationwide.

This past year again the number of plug-in hybrids were higher than all-electric (27:14), but interestingly a majority of sales were BEVs. We don’t expect it to change, as there is high demand for more BEVs, especially the attractive long-range models.

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Note: Counts include only one record per model name. Some models have multiple configurations which were not counted separately.

Source: Fuel Economy Website, Power Search.


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