Notorious streaming app, Popcorn Time is back



Notorious movie streaming app, Popcorn Time is back

The app appeared online after a hiatus of two years

This comes at a time when millions of people are stuck at home because of the Coronavirus outbreak

Something like this was bound to happen. For folks who’ve been stuck at home because of the Coronavirus outbreak, here’s some respite for you. Notorious movie streaming app, Popcorn Time is now back after lurking in the dark for the past two years. For people who don’t have Netflix or cannot access the service, this comes as a godsend. Of course, this is incredibly illegal but at this time of doom and gloom, this comes as a ray of sunshine for some folks.

The service first went live in 2014 but was quickly shut down through repeated lawsuits, raids and such by heavy hitters in the movie industry. The service worked on the same principle as torrenting but did away with the use of a client, making it easier for a regular Joe to access films and TV shows. It was an extremely convenient service that people latched on to like moths to a flame.

After the site’s two year hiatus, it popped back up again a few days ago as version 4.0. The UI remains the same easy-to-use system but the creators of the app urge users to use VPNs, lest they be detected by their local ISPs.

This comes at a strange and uneasy time for the world as millions of people prepare to hunker down in fear of the Coronavirus outbreak and we could all do with a little entertainment. So, stay tuned to Digit as we do our best to get you the juiciest news and reviews at this time of need.

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