Ninja Legends Out Of Early Access With Archery Update


After launching on PC VR in July and the Oculus Quest in August, Ninja Legends is now out of early access. The game also received a new update which expands the archery options on offer in the game.

According to an update on the game’s Steam page, there are six new-archery focused levels. The two “Archery Defense” levels in Ninja Legends have you protect the dojo from attacks using your bow and arrow in one level, while you shoot down attackers from a rooftop in the second. The remaining four levels, categorized as “Archery Targets”, are four challenges that test your timing and accuracy with the bow and arrow.

In addition to these six new levels, the archery update also brings the longbow into the base game itself, which the developers hope will refresh the story mode for those who already completed it before.

“There is some good environment variety, enemies actually keep you on your toes once you get deeper into the waves, and there are some good ideas at play,” David wrote of the game before the early access release.

The game has been updated a number of times since those impressions and it is now out of early access. Ninja Legends is priced around $20 available to purchase on Steam and on the Oculus Store. As of this writing there’s a 25% off sale on Steam for Ninja Legends.

Have you tried Ninja Legends? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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