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Welcome to Next Week on Xbox, where we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox One! Every week the team at Xbox aims to deliver quality gaming content for you to enjoy on your favorite gaming console. To find out what’s coming soon to Xbox One, read on below and click on each of the game profiles for pre-order details (dates are subject to change).

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Games

June 18, 2019

Xbox One X Enhanced – An exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG packing all the best features from the metroidvania genre into a single, content-packed game. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse which slowly crystallizes her body. She must now battle her way through a demon-infested castle summoned by Gebel, her old friend whose body and mind has become more crystal than flesh.

Neverwinter: UndermountainGames

June 18, 2019

Team up with Durnan, the proprietor of the famed Yawning Portal, to seek the truth behind the mysterious visions and forces beckoning citizens of the Forgotten Realms to the halls of Undermountain. Neverwinter: Undermountain introduces a new level 80 cap, a complete overhaul of class powers and feats, new Adventure Zones, a new Endgame dungeon, and much more!

Jurassic World EvolutionGames

June 18, 2019

Xbox One X Enhanced – A new single-player narrative featuring “Jurassic World” character Claire Dearing, voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard herself. Rich in content with seven new story missions with rewards, two new locations, three new dinosaurs, and new game features.

Another Sight Games

June 18, 2019

Xbox One X Enhanced – A surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements set in London in 1899, towards the end of the Victorian era. With an emphasis on culture and character, Another Sight focuses on the relationship between its two protagonists: Kit, a refreshingly intrepid teenager, and Hodge , a mysterious red-furred cat.

Citizens of Space Games

June 18, 2019

A quirky RPG for all audiences where you’ll recruit citizens of space for battle, traverse the cosmos in search of Earth’s missing pieces, and meet charismatic characters at every turn as you play as an Ambassador of Earth who must put the planet back together.

Antiquia Lost Games

June 19, 2019

A fantasy RPG featuring beautiful 2D turn-based battles where you’ll become the master of the battlefield by using the characteristics of the three tribes, Fai, Ruta, and Eeth. The game offers a variety of achievements and elements, from weapon refining to harvesting items.

Cybarian: The Time Traveling WarriorGames

June 19, 2019

Cybarian The Tme Travelling Warrior is a classically inspired arcade action game, with a mixture of modern and retro gaming inspirations, an union of old-school 2D platformers and side-scrolling beat em’ ups in an animated, retro styled pixel art.

Double Cross Games

June 19, 2019

Explore alternate dimensions, fight interdimensional criminals, and solve crimes in this thrilling action platformer! Developed by 13AM Games, the studio behind award-winning Runbow, Double Cross is an exciting action adventure game that has players take on the role of Zahra, whose job it is to maintain peace and order between all dimensions.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Games

June 21, 2019

Xbox One X Enhanced – Go fur-throttle with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It’s the authentic CTR experience plus a whole lot more, now fully remastered and revved up to the max with all the original game modes, characters, tracks, power-ups, weapons and controls. Additional karts, tracks, and arenas from Crash Nitro Kart- Race.

Captain Cat Games

June 21, 2019

Captain Cat travels the seven seas in his boat, using his anchor as a hook to fish for the delights and treasures hiding at the bottom of the sea. But navigating the depths of unknown waters is never easy, as there are many mysterious dangers to face along the way. Can Captain Cat overcome them to catch enough fish to satisfy his hunger?

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