New Dino Crisis Was Reportedly in the Works, but Now Canceled


Capcom was reportedly working on a new Dino Crisis game, but the project was canceled and the series is currently “extinct,” according to a reliable leaker.

Dino Crisis, released in 1999 for the original PlayStation then a year later on Sega Dreamcast and Windows PC, takes the survival horror formula of the Resident Evil franchise but replaces slow and lumbering zombies with agile and vicious dinosaurs.

Fans of Dino Crisis have clamored for the game to receive the same remake treatment as the wildly successful Resident Evil 2 and the highly anticipated Resident Evil 3. Capcom is said to have started the project, but unfortunately, it is no longer in the developer’s plans, according to AestheticGamer.

AestheticGamer, an insider known for his scoops on Capcom games, does not divulge further details on the canceled Dino Crisis game, such as whether it was a remake of the 1999 classic or a continuation of the series into the current generation of consoles, or the reason for the cancellation. However, with the declaration that the franchise is “extinct,” it appears that fans have nothing to look forward to for now if the report is true.

However, with the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and if the Resident Evil 3 remake is received well as expected, there is always a possibility that Capcom may look at Dino Crisis as another franchise worth reviving, even if that may be years down the line.

In addition to the Dino Crisis cancellation, AestheticGamer also claimed that a remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica is not currently even in pre-production. The game is the fourth major installment in the franchise, with events that take place after Resident Evil 2 and concurrently with Resident Evil 3. It was expected to be Capcom’s next remake project, but if the report is true, that is not the case.

AestheticGamer, however, claims that Resident Evil 3 will not be the only game in the series that will release within Capcom’s fiscal year 2020.

If not Resident Evil: Code Veronica, could Capcom already be preparing to release Resident Evil 8? AestheticGamer clarified that the second Resident Evil game is not Resident Evil: Resistance, which will launch alongside Resident Evil 3.

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