NASA Icon Coverage And More – Live In VR This Week


Welcome to Live in VR! Our weekly roundup of everything that’s happening in headsets!

It’s definitely a quieter week on the live in VR side of things. But if you’re a space junkie (like a real one not a fan of the VR game) then you’ll want to turn into Bigscreen for sure.


NASA: Icon Mission Channel – October 10 12:25am PT

Follow along with the launch of NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) with friends in Bigscreen. ICON’s mission is to study the frontier of space, examining where our atmosphere meets the black abyss. It sounds like a sci-fi treat, so it’ll be fitting to watch it unfold in VR.


I.M. Possible – October 9 2pm PT

Want to share some virtual success stories? I.M. Possible is your chance to talk about defying the odds in the virtual realm. Join others at the Ravenhall Forum and embrace the good times.

Want to have your VR event listed in a future edition of Live In VR? Reach out to Jamie at [email protected]!

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