Must Watch: VW ID.R Onboard Video Of Heaven’s Gate Record-Breaking Run


Volkswagen just released the eagerly awaited onboard video from the ID.R‘s record-breaking run on Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road (Tianmen Mountain), China.

It’s hard to describe the footage from a driver’s perspective as it’s unbelievable and insanely quick, without mercy to electric motors, brakes and suspension. The torque of EVs is simply breathtaking, even uphill – like teleportation to the next corner.

Volkswagen ID.R reached the “Heaven’s Gate” in 7:38.585.

  • Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road length: 10.906 km (6.778 miles)
  • 99 hairpins
  • 164 braking maneuvers
  • speed varied between 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in the slowest corner to 218 km/h (135.5 mph) on the longest straight

Volkswagen I.D. R with Romain Dumas behind the wheel is kind of a record collector for VW:

Here are infographics with the Nürburgring Nordschleife and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb records (* car specification differs depending on the event):




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