Microsoft Surface Duo could sport ‘peek’ feature for quick notifications


Along with its new generation of Surface devices, Microsoft announced in October 2019 a new Android-powered smartphone called Surface Duo. As the name suggests, it’s a dual-screen device that folds in and out like a convertible laptop. Though it was recently spotted in a public train, Microsoft is expected to launch the new Surface Duo only towards the end of the current year. In the meantime, a freshly leaked video shows that the device comes with a special ‘peek’ feature for easy notifications.

The leaked video comes to us in the form of a two-part tweet thread from online tipster WalkingCat, who is known to be right about leaks and rumours related to Microsoft’s offerings. The first video demonstrates how the Surface Duo can be opened partially to catch up on notifications without having to open it all the way like a book. In this ‘peek’ mode, only the right half of the right-side display panel lights up to show information such as the time and app notifications, including messages.



The second video shows how this feature might work when the user sees an incoming call. In ‘peek’ mode, only the caller’s name and image appears on the same right edge of the right-side display panel. Opening the display fully makes the incoming call screen fill up completely on the right side, leaving the left with two indiscernible command buttons. When the call is answered, the two displays can be folded out completely to access the earpiece more conveniently.

Not much about the Microsoft Surface Duo’s internals is known so far. It is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip.  Each of the two screens on board is said to measure 5.6 inches diagonally, although their resolution is not known. An official teaser video that Microsoft released last year shows quite clearly that the Surface Duo is powered by Android, not Windows 10.  Though the Surface Duo runs Android, we can expect Microsoft to layer it with the Microsoft Launcher.



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