Member Testimonial: Tara West


At Youfit Heath Clubs, we know that a fitness journey isn’t just about what you lose. In many ways, what you gain through your fitness journey is far more important. We are happy to share the story of Tara West, a Youfit member who has lost over 60 pounds on her fitness journey and has gained confidence, strength, and a healthier lifestyle. 

After turning 40, Tara realized it was time to focus on her health. “Shortly after my 40th birthday, I decided to take that leap and join Youfit in March of 2016. It was time for me to get serious about my health and well-being. I knew that I didn’t want to end up with the diet-related illnesses that affect my family. I had no excuses not to start,” she shared. 

With her Youfit membership, Tara has been able to pursue her health and fitness goals. Our group workouts, equipment, and helpful team members have all helped Tara along her journey of feeling her best through improved health and fitness. 

How Youfit Helped Tara on Her Health and Fitness Journey

When choosing a gym, Tara wanted to choose one that she felt comfortable working out in. “Youfit has improved my life by providing a welcoming atmosphere. I am excited about going to the gym,” Tara explained. Without a welcoming environment, heading into the local gym for a workout may feel more like a chore than a healthy habit. At Youfit, our team focuses on creating a welcoming space where everyone feels comfortable pursuing their health and fitness goals. 

It’s not just our welcoming environment that helped Tara along her journey. Our group workout classes gave Tara the guidance she needed to start her journey without feeling intimidated and our additional amenities supported her through each step of her journey. 

“One of the most appealing things about Youfit is the diverse selection of classes. I can always find something that works with my schedule and that I will enjoy. When I wasn’t taking classes I could be found riding a stationary bike or on the elliptical. It is also great that I have the option to exercise in either the open gym or the cinema room. This is such a unique and appealing feature. Who doesn’t want to watch a movie while exercising?” 

Tara’s Fitness Success Story – What She’s Gained

A huge part of Tara’s gym success story isn’t what she’s lost, but what she has gained. Through improved fitness, Tara found that her eating habits and overall health improved as well. She also found that her strength and confidence have increased. 

“My greatest victory in my journey has been my gains in both confidence and strength. As a result, I have also lost over 60 pounds and counting. I am looking and feeling better for me. I can now look in the mirror and feel good about what I see, but it’s not just about looking good. It’s about how I feel. When I get up in the morning, I no longer feel sluggish and tired. I am energized and enthusiastic about the day.”

We are so honored to be part of Tara’s story and help her along her journey. In addition to taking our YouGX Classes, Tara uses the equipment throughout her local Youfit for her workout. During her visits, our YouCoaches are happy to offer tips and tricks. “I’ve never had a personal trainer, but the Youfit trainers always offered valuable tips and tricks to help me improve my workouts,” she shared. 

Tara’s Commitment to Her Fitness 

For many people, getting started in the gym can be a tough step. Results don’t happen overnight, and the results you’re looking for will vary depending on your specific goals. “Sometimes when I would start a fitness journey I would get discouraged if I didn’t see the number on the scale going down fast enough,” Tara explained.

Tara recognized that health and fitness aren’t necessarily about how much you weigh, but how you feel. “I feel stronger and it has trickled down into everything I do,” she shared. 

Tara’s Continued Health and Fitness Success

Tara’s focus, commitment, and consistency to her health and fitness have all helped her along her journey. By setting goals, treating herself with kindness when she may veer off track, and celebrating her successes, she has been able to make her desired improvements in her health and fitness. She credits Youfit’s welcoming environment and amenities with giving her the tools she needs to meet her goals.

“My enthusiasm about going to the gym has resulted in a drop in my weight and a rise in my confidence. With that newfound confidence, I am not afraid to try new things, and when I do it is with my best foot forward. I am living my best life. That is something I would not have been able to say four years ago,” Tara shared. 

We are so proud of Tara’s commitment to her health and fitness, and we are thankful to be able to help her feel her best through fitness. Ready to see everything your local Youfit has to offer? Get your free gym pass today! 

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