Low-Fi: Get Your Latest Look At Sci-Fi Stunner In New Video


IRIS VR’s Low-Fi is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated VR titles of 2020. That remains the case following the launch of this new developer walkthrough.

A new look at the game, which passed a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, debuted during our Holiday VR Showcase earlier this week. It’s one of our most in-depth looks at Low-Fi yet, with developer Blair Renaud talking us through some of the game’s elements.

As Renaud says, Low-Fi is intended to be more like a ‘holodeck program’ than a game; a slice of virtual life in a Blade Runner-esque future. You play as a police officer that just joined the force following the death of another officer. The game’s billed as a non-linear experience in which you have to make your own way in the world. You could choose to play it by the book as a police officer, or you might find other means of income.

But it’s the gameplay that really stands out. Low-Fi’s cyberpunk environments are ridiculously detailed. It’s characters, for example, will be performance captured using the latest tech. IRIS VR is promising life-like characters like the example of Dominic Monaghan seen in the video (who isn’t actually appearing in the game, we should add).

It’s another exciting look at the game, though we don’t yet know when exactly it will be out in 2020.

Also featured at our showcase was the reveal of Ghost Giant on Quest, the news that Eclipse is heading to PC VR, PSVR and Quest and the PC VR debut for nDreams’ Phantom: Covert Ops.

Will you be picking up Low-Fi when it hits headsets next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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