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Youfit team member Lilyana Newman describes herself as “hilarious, cheerful, and spunky.” We couldn’t agree more after having the opportunity to sit down with her to talk about all things motivational and what sparked her desire to get into shape with Youfit. Lily was able to shed an impressive 34 pounds since joining our health club, in addition to a recorded 9% loss of body fat. She attributes this to “desperately needing a lifestyle change.”

First, let’s backtrack to what life was like before Youfit. Lily was an Arkansas native who became a Virginia transplant. “I grew up in a very anti-fitness family. Junk food, no real exercise, bad lifestyle habits. I overcame that fear of the unknown by getting a job in a place I had no idea about.” Landing a job at one of our fitness clubs is ultimately what lead her to her journey to change.

Lily highlights her biggest hurdle was “not knowing where to begin. I had absolutely no knowledge about anything gym-related. I overcame by praying for guidance and asking for help from my Youfit peers.” She notes her assumption of what joining Youfit would be like was very quickly shattered when she joined our fitness club. “I expected giant muscular dudes that were intimidating, and supermodel-like girls I would compare myself to. The reality was the complete opposite. “Everyone is friendly and everyone starts out somewhere. Most people started out where I did.”

Since joining Youfit, Lily says, “I have developed a renewed sense of self-worth, confidence, and actually love my body.” The benefits she’s found from exercise and a healthy diet include, “an increased level of endurance and feeling stronger.”

Lily suggests incorporating a healthy lifestyle to any of our Youfit readers’ daily routines with some standard commitments she’s made: “eat healthy food and work out effectively at least six days a week.” As far as what others can do to live and feel better she notes to “Take care of yourself. Whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.”

Her single most important takeaway for our health club readers is, “No one’s fitness journey will be easy. You will struggle, have obstacles, and feel insecure at times. But you will also persevere. You will feel great once you see how far you’ve come.”

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