Japan Picks Its Favourite Final Fantasy Game And Character


Japan’s National Broadcaster NHK recently ran some fan polls focused on Square Enix’s long-running and much-loved Final Fantasy series. One asked participants to name their favourite game and received a total of 468,654 votes, and the other asked them to pick their favourite Final Fantasy character of all-time.

The best game award went to the PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy X which was released in a two-in-one collection on the Nintendo Switch last year. Final Fantasy VII followed it up in second place, and Final Fantasy VI was in third. Here’s the full list:

  1. Final Fantasy X (2001)
  2. Final Fantasy VII (1997)
  3. Final Fantasy VI (1994)
  4. Final Fantasy IX (2000)
  5. Final Fantasy XIV (2010~)
  6. Final Fantasy V (1992)
  7. Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
  8. Final Fantasy IV (1991)
  9. Final Fantasy XI (2002~)
  10. Final Fantasy XV (2016)
  11. Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)
  12. Final Fantasy III (1990)
  13. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2007)
  14. Final Fantasy XIII (2009)
  15. Final Fantasy XII (2006)
  16. Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011)
  17. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (2003)
  18. Final Fantasy II (1988)
  19. Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)
  20. Mobius Final Fantasy (2015~)
  21. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (2013)
  22. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003)
  23. Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)
  24. Final Fantasy (1987)
  25. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (2007)
  26. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (2011)
  27. Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
  28. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2011)
  29. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (2009)
  30. Final Fantasy Record Keeper (2014~)

Cloud as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Cloud as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In the character poll, there are no prizes for guessing who was first. It was Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. He’s also been a fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series for some time now. Yuna followed Cloud in second, and Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII was in third. More characters like Tifa Lockhart and Sephiroth were further down the list:

  1. Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
  2. YunaFinal Fantasy X
  3. Aerith GainsboroughFinal Fantasy VII
  4. Vivi OrnitierFinal Fantasy IX
  5. Zidane TribalFinal Fantasy IX
  6. Emet-SelchFinal Fantasy XIV
  7. TidusFinal Fantasy X
  8. LightningFinal Fantasy XIII
  9. Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII
  10. Zack FairFinal Fantasy VII
  11. SephirothFinal Fantasy VII
  12. Haurchefant GreystoneFinal Fantasy XIV
  13. Noctis Lucis CaelumFinal Fantasy XV
  14. Squall LeonhartFinal Fantasy VIII
  15. AuronFinal Fantasy X
  16. GilgameshFinal Fantasy V
  17. Terra BranfordFinal Fantasy VI
  18. Kain HighwindFinal Fantasy IV
  19. Celes ChereFinal Fantasy VI
  20. Crystal ExarchFinal Fantasy XIV
  21. Locke ColeFinal Fantasy VI
  22. Vincent ValentineFinal Fantasy VII
  23. Edgar Roni FigaroFinal Fantasy VI
  24. ShantottoFinal Fantasy XI
  25. Bartz KlauserFinal Fantasy V
  26. Laguna LoireFinal Fantasy VIII
  27. RikkuFinal Fantasy X
  28. Ignis ScientiaFinal Fantasy XV
  29. BalthierFinal Fantasy XII
  30. Faris ScherwizFinal Fantasy V
  31. Agrias OaksFinal Fantasy Tactics
  32. RenoFinal Fantasy VII
  33. Yuffie KisaragiFinal Fantasy VII
  34. JechtFinal Fantasy X
  35. Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIII
  36. Ramza BeoulveFinal Fantasy Tactics
  37. Rydia (Adult)Final Fantasy IV
  38. Prompto ArgentumFinal Fantasy XV
  39. Galuf Halm BaldesionFinal Fantasy V
  40. Cecil Harvey (Paladin)Final Fantasy IV
  41. ShadowFinal Fantasy VI
  42. Estinien WyrmbloodFinal Fantasy XIV
  43. Kefka PalazzoFinal Fantasy VI
  44. Setzer GabbianiFinal Fantasy VI
  45. Garnet Til Alexandros XVIIFinal Fantasy IX
  46. ArdbertFinal Fantasy XIV
  47. KujaFinal Fantasy IX
  48. Hope EstheimFinal Fantasy XIII
  49. Sabin Rene FigaroFinal Fantasy VI
  50. Red XIIIFinal Fantasy VII
  51. Y’shtola RhulFinal Fantasy XIV
  52. BeatrixFinal Fantasy IX
  53. WakkaFinal Fantasy X
  54. GolbezFinal Fantasy IV
  55. Eiko CarolFinal Fantasy IX
  56. Cidolfus OrlandeauFinal Fantasy Tactics
  57. Kurasame SusayaFinal Fantasy Type-0
  58. G’raha TiaFinal Fantasy XIV
  59. CidFinal Fantasy VII
  60. Alisaie LeveilleurFinal Fantasy XIV
  61. AceFinal Fantasy Type-0
  62. LuluFinal Fantasy X
  63. Ardyn IzuniaFinal Fantasy XV
  64. Lenna Charlotte TycoonFinal Fantasy V
  65. Alphinaud LeveilleurFinal Fantasy XIV
  66. UltrosFinal Fantasy VI
  67. Edge GeraldineFinal Fantasy IV
  68. VaanFinal Fantasy XII
  69. Lunafreya Nox FleuretFinal Fantasy XV
  70. Irvine KinneasFinal Fantasy VIII
  71. MinwuFinal Fantasy II
  72. Adelbert SteinerFinal Fantasy IX
  73. Selphie TilmittFinal Fantasy VIII
  74. Freya CrescentFinal Fantasy IX
  75. Aranea HighwindFinal Fantasy XV

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