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“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.” – Les Dawson

It’s only funny because it’s true 😉 Jokes aside, though, we think it’s safe to say that each of us owe many of the successes in our lives to the people around us. We owe it to people who take us by the hand and guide us with their love and kindness through this wild ride we call life. We call them mentors, but they usually double as our brother, mother, father, sister, friend, relative or associates; people we look up to, to help us scale the heights in our journey (even if that journey has pit stops on the elliptical). Because let’s face it – we all need someone to nudge us to carry on at times, whether the challenge is big or small. Besides, Teacher’s Day is on May 7, and don’t forget our mommies! We celebrate nature’s first mentor, our mothers, on Mother’s Day (May 12).

So if you’ve been slacking on your health and fitness lately, chances are the person to help get you back on track is right there next to you. And there are some great reasons to bring on some help on your journey to the best You possible.

  • Mentors provide support: Remember how something as little as a clap of hands from your parents gave you the courage to stand up and try again when you fell off your bike as a child? Or how the “you can do it” statements from your gym partner gave you the extra push to lift what you perceived as “too much”? That is what mentors do. They help you build your self-confidence and give you the power to conquer the challenges in front of you. Yep, even the heavy ones.


  • Mentors show you what to do to improve: We sometimes forget what we’re told – oops! But what you are taught, on the other hand, stays with you. You might have heard this somewhere, as it is a popular quote of Benjamin Franklin. Having a mentor figure in your life means having someone to show you the ropes. Never tried a dumbbell bench press? Your mentor can help with that.


  • Mentors give you listening ears: Let’s face it – staying on track all the time with our eating or fitness goals can be tough. Sometimes you’d rather eat a whole cheesecake and camp out on the couch instead of watching your portions and walking a couple miles. Well, mentors are human too. Vent your frustrations – and get back out there together.


  • Mentors can be fun to hang with: In fact, even on those days where you ‘literally just can’t even,’ it’s nice to have someone else to commiserate with. And then by all means, treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream after! (Yes, it’s okay).

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