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As you explore the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you’ll notice red chests and doors blocking your way. To access these, you’ll need the ScompLink upgrade for BD-1, your trusty droid sidekick.

So where do you get the ScompLink? Read on below!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ScompLink Location[edit]

Thankfully, getting the ScompLink is part of of Fallen Order’s story, and you cannot miss it.

You’ll get the ScompLink on the planet Zeffo, and will have the upgrade by the time you’re done with your first visit on the planet. After clearing the Tomb of Eilram and acquiring the Force Push ability, you’ll start backtracking through the planet to get back to your ship, the Mantis.

However, right after leaving the Windswept Ruins area, you’ll be back at the area with a Meditation Point and a wall to Push through. This area really stands out because not only does the wall stick out, but nearby are multiple objects to interact with if you had a ScompLink.

Push through the wall, defeat any enemies that are nearby, then head to the workbench. Cal will install the ScompLink to BD-1 and it’ll be able to slice into red chests and doors and hack them!

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