How Taking a Yoga Class Can Help With Anxiety


Flow, posture, controlled breathing, focused attention, and balance are all signs that you’re in a good yoga class (and hopefully one at Youfit *wink*). Some of you might be saying “I’d never be caught in a yoga class. No, thanks. Namaste at home!” But the truth is, the benefits of yoga are extensive. Looking to increase your flexibility? Take a yoga class. Do you want to increase muscle strength? Take a yoga class. Trying to increase your energy level? Take a yoga class. Looking to reduce your weight? I think you get the point, take a yoga class!  What if we told you that yoga can be a powerful tool for relieving anxiety? Practicing yoga can help in times when you feel worried, agitated, restless, tired, irritable, or tense.

Regular exercise is a natural and effective way to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Exercise can improve your energy level, relieve tension and stress, and boost your overall wellness through the release of endorphins. Yoga is particularly effective for reducing anxiety because of  increased mental focus and attention to your body that happens during a class. Studies indicate that the element of mindfulness achieved through yoga can improve your physical condition faster and can interrupt the flow of constant worries running through your head. (source HelpGuide) Yoga is all about being present in the moment and finding a sense of peace.

Anxiety disorders have a large prevalence in our population, affecting 40 million adults in the United States (source ADAA)—so there are several options available to help people heal. Give yoga a try and cue up the relaxing nature sounds, lay down a mat, and get in tune with your body. To learn more about Youfit Health Clubs and classes offered, as well as to find the nearest Youfit location, please visit

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