The weekend is upon us, people. Some of us are going to party, some of us are going to catch up on some much-needed sleep and some of us are going to spend the weekend glued to the couch watching our favorite films and shows. Well, we here at Digit are doing exactly that. So, as we’re getting ready to face the weekend, here are our picks for the best science fiction films on the three main streaming platforms. If you’re a fan of fantastic stories and out-there concepts, you’re going to want to watch these films. Here we go.



One of the best films based on a graphic novel (bet you didn’t know that), Snowpiercer tells the tale of the last train, barreling on a one-way course to oblivion. Starring Chris Evans and John Hurt, the film is a parable of the weak rising up to take on the elite. A must watch. 


One of the best films last year, Annihilation did not make a dent in the box office but stole the hearts and minds of discerning film buffs. Annihilation is essentially a modern retelling of H.P Lovecraft’s The Color Out Of Space but with better effects and a more fantastical storyline. Starring Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson, the film is a journey into the abyss. 


Vincenzo Natali’s Cube is one of the best science fiction films to never get a mention. There is no real story here except survival. The film begins with a bunch of people trapped in a series of dangerous and life-threatening cubes that literally lead nowhere. A tight and focused film, Cube is a thinking man’s sci-fi/horror film.


The Martian:

Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, The Martian is one of the better astronaut films out there. Stranded on Mars after an accident, Matt Damn must rely on his smarts and wits to survive the Red Planet. A poignant tale of sacrifice and determination, The Martian is an excellent weekend watch. 


Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is more than a spectacle, it’s a landmark in film. Starring Sandra Bullock as an astronaut stranded in space, Gravity is at times tense and other times peacefully silent. If you do get a chance to watch it on a massive screen, please do not miss out on the opportunity. 

Deep Blue Sea:

If you’re going to watch the film, just remember the scene where Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by a shark? Well, this is that film. Starring Thomas Jane and L L Cool J, the film is essentially a b-movie wrapped in a summer blockbuster. Intelligent sharks hunting people trapped in a flooded underwater station? Count us in. 

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Kicking Nazi ass is always a fun time and Overlord is exactly that. When a bunch of American soldiers stumble upon heinous and disturbing experiments by the Nazis, all hell breaks loose. Featuring some great practical effects and buckets of gore, Overlord is a fun, exciting action sci-fi film that is a must watch. 

Edge of Tomorrow:

Based on a Japanese novel, Edge of Tomorrow was a much-needed shot to the arm of science-fiction. Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow tells the story of humanity’s losing fight against a never-ending alien invasion all while Tom Cruise is stuck in a  time-loop, trying to figure out what’s happening. Do not miss this thrill ride. 


If you’ve ever wondered if Superman was evil, well, here is a film that is right up your alley. Brightburn tells the tale of a boy who fell from the stars but he isn’t the savior we expect him to be. A dark and violent superhero tale, Brightburn lays bare all the faults and follies of a superhero origin story. 

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