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Heart Piece One (Requirements: None)[edit]

There’s a marshy area to the south of Link’s house. If you go down into this marshy area, you’ll find a small stone building. Enter into the building, and go to the back room. Pull the right-hand side switch (the left-hand side one will drop some bad guys on you). This will drain the water sitting outside of this building. Go back outside and to the right of this building, where the heart piece will be sitting, waiting for you.

Heart Piece Two (Requirements: None)[edit]

If you enter into the Lost Woods through the primary entrance, you’ll be able to walk on a fairly straight-forward path before you run into a log with a doorway in it.. Go to the north of this log, where nine bushes, in rows of three, are sitting. If you destroy the middle bush in this sequence, it will create a hole in the ground. Drop through this hole and you’ll be in a secret cave. The heart piece you seek is within. You’ll end up coming out of this log we ignored earlier when you leave this cave.

Heart Piece Three (Requirements: Bombs)[edit]

In Kakariko Village, there’s a building to the north end of the town that’s different than the rest. It’s gray, made of bricks, with jail-cell barred windows and the like. This is the Thief’s Hideout. Enter into this building and go into the basement. On the north wall of the basement is a cracked wall. Use a Bomb on the wall to open it up, and then enter into the hidden room, where the heart piece is located.

Heart Piece Four (Requirements: Bombs)[edit]

If you go to the extreme southern part of Kakariko Village, down by the hills near the northern end of the desert region, there’s a long house here. Within this house are two quarreling brothers who sealed the doorway between them so that they didn’t have to speak to each other. If you break the sealed door and reunite the brothers (with a Bomb), you gain access to the other side of the house. Go through the front entrance of the other side of the house, and go west a bit. Talk to the woman there. If you can get through her obstacle course in the time allotted, a Heart Piece will be your prize.

Heart Piece Five (Requirements: Bombs)[edit]

At the northwestern end of Kakariko Village, you’ll notice a suspicious looking hole just sitting there in the northwestern part of the town. If you can get to the ridge above the hole, you’ll be able to jump in. Do so, and bomb the wall to the left of the treasure chests and jars there to gain access to another secret cave, where the heart piece is.

Heart Piece Six (Requirements: Bombs)[edit]

In the large Desert of Mystery region of Hyrule, which is located in the southwestern part of the map, the sixth heart piece dwells. Go into the desert and find the cave that is in the northeast part of the desert once you enter the desert, as in, not before you enter. There’s a lot of cave entrances before the desert itself – ignore those. Anyway, enter into said cave. Behind the old man here is a faulty wall. Blow it apart with your Bombs, and grab your heart piece.

Heart Piece Seven (Requirements: Pegasus Shoes)[edit]

Once the Pegasus Shoes are obtained, head over to the Sanctuary, which borders Death Mountain at the north end of Hyrule. To the side of the Sanctuary are some mountain highlands. If you go onto these highlands, you’ll notice that there are some large green rocks in your way. They are several smaller rocks locked together to form a weak structure. Using your Pegasus Shoes, run into and destroy the rock formation, which will reveal a staircase leading down into the underground.

Heart Piece Eight (Requirements: Book of Mudora)[edit]

Attached to the outside of the Desert Palace is a little plateau area. On the edge of this plateau is the heart piece we seek. To get to this heart piece, however, you have to first have access to the Desert Palace, and hence have the Book of Mudora. Once in the palace, the plateau is quite simple to get to. Go north from the entrance, then bear west, then south, and then west again through the door. Go south out of the door there, and you’ll be on the plateau. At the end of said plateau is the heart piece.

Heart Piece Nine (Requirements: Power Glove and Flippers)[edit]

Getting this heart piece right after getting the Flippers from Zora at the waterfalls will make your life much, much easier. Trust me. After purchasing said Flippers, go south from Zora and go down the waterfall. From here, swim south to the next waterfall, but instead of going down it, make Link start to swim westward. You’ll eventually reach a grassy area. If you follow this grassy area, you’ll come to a heart piece surrounded on three sides by a fence. Grab the heart piece and it’s yours!

Heart Piece Ten (Requirements: Access to Death Mountain)[edit]

Head up to Death Mountain. When you reach the super-long ladder that reaches up to the higher areas of Death Mountain, you’ve come to the right place. Go up this ladder, and go east. Follow the edge of this cliff once up the ladder. You’ll eventually come across an opening in the edge, allowing you to jump down. Ignore the first gap, going farther east until you come to another gap in the edge. Jump through this gap and you’ll land on a solitary platform below. There’s a doorway into a cave in front of this platform. Go north through the door and follow the cave to the heart piece we seek.

Heart Piece Eleven (Requirements: Magic Mirror)[edit]

This Heart Piece is actually impossible to not see, but you still don’t have to get it (if you’re one of those psychos who like doing “elite” quests and the like.) Anyway, on top of Death Mountain, when you first get to the Dark World, you’ll be in an area with two weird creatures – an odd monster-like creature and the ball he is kicking (whom is also alive, oddly enough). If you examine the ground in this region, you’ll notice that a lot of it is one uniformed color, but there are two spots where the color is different. Stand atop one of these spots and use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. You’ll now be atop Spectacle Rock. The Heart Piece is right on this rock, so grab it. You have to do this even if you don’t want the heart, however. The Tower of Hera is only accessible in this way.

Heart Piece Twelve (Requirements: Access to the Pyramid of Power)[edit]

This particular Heart Piece is located right on the Pyramid of Power. To get it, start at the very top of the Pyramid of Power. Now, walk down the right-hand side stairway in front of you, and go right along the side of the pyramid until you can jump down. You’ll know you’re in the right area when you jump down because there will be a hole in the wall there, which leads to the Four Sword Dungeon. In any case, if you follow this all the way right, and then up, you’ll run right into the Heart Piece you seek.

Heart Piece Thirteen (Requirements: Defeated Agahnim in Hyrule Castle)[edit]

You can only get this easy-to-get Heart Piece after you defeated Agahnim in Hyrule Castle. You must travel northwest of the Sanctuary in the Light World, past the entrance to the Dark World. You’ll eventually come to a small house. This is the Lumberjack’s House. Before we defeated Agahnim in Hyrule Castle, the Lumberjacks were working on cutting down that huge tree in front of their house. After the defeat of Agahnim, the Lumberjacks have disappeared, weakening the tree considerably. With your Pegasus Shoes, run into the tree to knock it over, revealing a hole in the ground. If you jump in this hole and follow the cave down there, not only will you find some Fairies that you can bottle up and save, but you’ll also find the Heart Piece we seek.

Heart Piece Fourteen (Requirements: Hammer)[edit]

As you start out on the Pyramid in the Dark World, leave the Pyramid and head east. Then, go all the way south. You’ll come across a bridge that has some stakes blocking your path. If you have the Hammer, you can clear them. Go south across the bridge and approach the water to the south of you. Simply jump in and swim to the first patch of shallow water you get to. Equip the Magic Mirror and warp, once in the shallows, back to the Light World. If you’re in the right area, you’ll be on an island in the middle of the water in the Light World. Grab the Heart Piece on this very solitary island, and we’ll be all set.

Heart Piece Fifteen (Requirements: Hammer)[edit]

As you start out on the Pyramid in the Dark World, leave the Pyramid and head east. Then, go all the way south. You’ll come across a bridge that has some stakes blocking your path. If you have the Hammer, you can clear them. Head all the way wast until you come to a junction, south of the forest where you meet the Flute Player, where you can go west to the village, south to the Desert of Mystery, and north into the patch of forest there. Look for a circle of purple bushes, and go inside of these bushes. Then, equip the Magic Mirror and teleport to the Light World. If done right, you’ll be on a solitary platform looking over the forest to your right and the Desert of Mystery to your left. Enter the cave up here and grab your Heart Piece.

Heart Piece Sixteen (Requirements: Hammer)[edit]

As you start out on the Pyramid in the Dark World, leave the Pyramid and head east. Then, go all the way south. You’ll come across a bridge that has some stakes blocking your path. If you have the Hammer, you can clear them. Head all the way west until you can’t anymore. You’ll be south of a man on a cliff. Talk to him and he’ll offer you to play the Shovel Game for 80 rupees. It’s steep, but pay the price. Now, dig in his field. It’s completely random, I repeat, COMPLETELY RANDOM, where the Heart Piece will show up, so keep digging. Make sure to grab all of the rupees that you dig up, though, because in the 30 seconds, you should collect your 80 rupees back plus some, so you can keep playing. If you don’t get the Heart Piece on the first try, leave the screen, come back, and try… try again.

Heart Piece Seventeen (Requirements: Access to all of the Dark World)[edit]

In the Dark World, work your way to the location of the Light World’s graveyard, but in the Dark World. At the north of the “graveyard” in the Dark World is a ladder leading up to a lone cliff that seemingly leads to nothing. It’s not so, however. Once up on this cliff, use the Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World. You’ll be on the Light World’s equivalent of the same cliff. Go into the cave in front of you and grab your Heart Piece.

Heart Piece Eighteen (Requirements: Access to all of the Dark World)[edit]

This is rather easy to get. What you have to do is go to the Dark World equivalent of the Death Mountain entrance, ‘cept it’s in the Dark World. In other words, go to the same cave in the Dark World that’s in the Light World that leads to the cave system that brings us up to Death Mountain, to the northwest of the Sanctuary. Once within there, use your Magic Cape and Hookshot to get around the various holes and bumpers, and claim your prize, the Heart Piece!

Heart Piece Nineteen (Requirements: Access to all of the Dark World)[edit]

In the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World, there’s one house with a treasure chest over the door. Enter this house and talk to the creature there who’ll let you open two of the many treasure chests within his store for 30 rupees. Do so and open two. Randomly strewn about one of the treasure chests is this Heart Piece. Remember, it’s random!

Heart Piece Twenty (Requirements: Titan’s Mitt)[edit]

If you go to the location of the Blacksmith’s House in the Dark World, which is, in essence, due east of the Village of Outcasts, you’ll find that there are many stakes in the ground beyond some stones in front of the house. With the Titan’s Mitt acquired, you can move those stones. Now, equip the Hammer and smash in each and every stake outside of the house here. When they are all down into the ground, the trunk of a tree to the south of the stakes will turn into a staircase leading into the underground. Go down into the underground via this staircase and claim your heart piece in this hidden cave.

Heart Piece Twenty-One (Requirements: Access to the Misery Mire region)[edit]

This is a simple heart piece to get. To the left of the Misery Mire dungeon entrance, there’s a tree-trunk looking structure (looks kind of like a skull, too). Within this structure is a door leading inside. Take this door in and then go north to a series of blocks guarding two treasure chests. Within these chests are some rupees and the Heart Piece we seek. To get both treasures, you’ll need to leave and come back (to reset the blocks). Other than that, a completely simple piece to get.

Heart Piece Twenty-Two (Requirements: Access to the Misery Mire region)[edit]

This Heart Piece is easy to get. To get it, go to the Misery Mire area of the Dark World. When that’s all said and done, go to the extreme northeast area of the swamp, so you’re in a crevasse bordering on some mountains and whatnot. Use your Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World and you’ll be on a cliff high above the Desert of Mystery. On this cliff is a large green stone. Lift it up to reveal a staircase leading downward. Go into this secret cave and push the blocks out of the way to get to the Heart Piece in the corner of the cave.

Heart Piece Twenty-Three (Requirements: Access to Turtle Rock)[edit]

You’ll want to get this heart piece before entering Turtle Rock, but save it until you’re actually ready to go to Turtle Rock, otherwise it’s really out of the way. In any case, this is what you do. In the Light World, head all the way up Death Mountain. Go to the Dark World via the warp that we first got to the Dark World via, get over Spectacle Rock with the Magic Mirror, jump off in front of the Tower of Hera, then head east. Go across bridges and whatnot, all the way to the east in the Light World until you can go no further. In this area, you’ll see a cliff you can access with a ladder. On this cliff are three stakes. Equip the Hammer and smash them in this order: Right, Up, Left. If done correctly, a portal back to the Dark World will appear in the middle of the cliff. Take this portal back to the Dark World. (While up here, if you’re going to go to Turtle Rock, use the Quake Spell over the quake symbol to open Turtle Rock up below, otherwise you’ll need to do this entire process again). Now, head west a screen. Go west, and then south until you run into a large green rock. Lift it up and toss it aside to reveal a staircase leading downstairs. Down here, the idea is to get to the door directly north of you. You’ll need to go across an invisible pathway however. To see the pathway, use the Ether Medallion’s magic to light your path. Go across the pathway to the door on the other side. In this intersection, bomb the left wall, go through the hole, and then south, coming out outside. Once out here, use the Magic Mirror to get back to the Light World. You’ll be on a platform with the Heart Piece we seek. Sweet!

Heart Piece Twenty-Four (Requirements: Access to Turtle Rock)[edit]

The Twenty-Fourth and final heart piece, coincidentally, is located in Turtle Rock – you can only access it via Turtle Rock. Interesting but quite true. To get there, go through Turtle Rock. Where the big treasure chest is in this dungeon, head south through the door in that room. You’ll be outside here in the Dark World. Use your Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World, and go back into the cave. Kill the enemies here and go north another room. This room holds a treasure chest which holds the heart piece we seek!

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