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Hey, Youfit Fam! They say, April showers bring May flowers! And since we’re all about something fresh and beautiful in our life, let’s talk about flowers. Apart from the fact that they dazzle the eyes and smell great, they’re also pretty…delicious? Yes! (Promise, we haven’t gone cuckoo).

Okay, not all of them, of course – choose carefully. But many flowers are packed with edible nutrients that contribute to your overall wellness. Take a look below at some flowers and the benefits they boast –

Hibiscus: This flower comes with petals that have antioxidants known for lowering bad cholesterol levels while boosting good cholesterol in your system. If you’re looking to improve liver function, the hibiscus is your buddy. Plus, consuming hibiscus flower regularly can beautify your skin and hair. Most folks drink it in tea! (But do keep hibiscus away from your pets – it’s not safe for them to eat).

Violets: Yes, they have a diminutive appearance. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that it has anti-inflammatory capabilities as it is rich in rutin, known to optimize the health of your blood vessels. Additionally, if you’ve got respiratory ailments, then think violets. They help your muscles and heart perform as they’re packed with potassium too! (Or just leave them in the vase on the bookshelf – pretty violets!)

Rose petals: Ever wondered why rose milk is held in high esteem? Apart from the fact that it tastes great, it has health benefits too. You will find it in different diets all around the world. In ancient China, it was used for treating digestive disorders, as well as menstrual issues. Plus, they’re rich in Vitamin A and E, which helps to keep your body nourished in fighting off bacteria and viruses, boosting your immune system in the process.

Chamomile and Lavender: These flowers are popular and, like hibiscus, are mostly used in teas. Using their petals to brew tea or ingesting it in a paste-like form can provide you with outstanding health advantages for your digestive system – and they help you sleep better. Lavender is also rich in Vitamin E.

Coriander: Most often grounded into a spice, coriander is packed with antioxidants, as well as micronutrients in the flowers and leaves of the plant. These nutrients help in the optimization of your blood sugar levels. Plus it comes with fiber, minerals, as well as, essential vitamins. The presence of vitamin K helps your blood to clot better and protects your heart. You’re welcome, heart!

Okay, it’s not all about eating: The benefits that you stand to gain from gardening are well researched too. Gardening compels you to adopt behaviors and patterns which improve your wellness. Plus, it’s a stress reliever and can contribute to the improvement of your mental health – sometimes, just being with nature can do that for you. And since gardening can be seen as a low-intensity form of exercise, you’re helping your body too!

Got you convinced to spend more time with flowers? We hoped so. And while we don’t sell any flowers at Youfit (new business idea?), we can still offer you a free guest pass to check us out:

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