Half-Life: Alyx: What Type Of Updates Or DLC Do You Want To See?


Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published (usually) every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate. For today’s Community Download, we want to know what sort of DLC or updates you want to see released for Half-Life: Alyx now that it’s been out a couple weeks?

Half-Life: Alyx is one of the biggest and most important VR game releases of all-time. In fact, many of you seem to think it’s the overall best VR game we’ve seen to date. That’s high praise and seems well-earned according to people that have played it. We were huge fans in our review, for example.

Now that Half-Life: Alyx has been out for two weeks, it’s time to look forward to what’s coming next for Valve’s big VR adventure! We don’t have any indication of anything major in the works, but previous Half-Life games received post-launch support in the form of side content, multiplayer releases, and even follow-up mini sequels. And with the state of VR games, it’s common for developers to patch in major features or options after release.

This brings us to our main question: Now that Half-Life: Alyx is officially out, what do you want from the game next? Would you like to see a DLC side story, or some type of update? What about a multiplayer spin-off? Or maybe you’d rather Valve just focus on the next entry in the series to keep the story going instead?

Let us know down in the comments below!

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