Half-Life: Alyx – Best Custom Maps, Mods And Campaigns


Since the release of Half-Life: Alyx, the mod scene has grown stronger and stronger by the day. There are now a bunch of custom maps, mods and campaigns for the game, and Valve still has yet to release official modding tools or support yet.

If you don’t know where to start with Half-Life: Alyx mods and want to get a grasp of some of the best community content on offer, then look no further. We’ve summarized a mix of the best Half-Life: Alyx content.

Most of these are available to download on the Alyx Mods website or on the Half-Life: Alyx Modding Hub Discord server. But if you want to know how to download and launch these custom maps, be sure to check out our guide.

Crash Course

This is one of a few mini campaigns that are beginning to crop up in the Alyx modding scene. Crash Course is the most polished level so far, with some fantastic scripted events, detailed environments and a bunch of cool interactions. This is definitely worth playing through if you’ve finished the main campaign and you’re looking for something a bit different but still distinctly Alyx. Read more here.

Gordon Mod

As the name implies, this mod lets you play as Gordon Freeman in a sandbox style map where you can spawn object and enemies. Naturally, we tried to attack Jeff with the crowbar… it didn’t go so well. 

Crowbar Mod

This mod gives you a room of headcrab zombies and a crowbar to hit them with. The melee functionality is basic but it’s a nice proof-of-concept nonetheless. Read more here.

Xen Thug

Xen Thug was one of the first prominent Half-Life: Alyx mods and it remains one of the best. The mod turns the game into a wave-based shooter that gets increasingly difficult, with more and more enemies threatening to overwhelm you.

The initial version of Xen Thug was developed by Manello, and is now known as Xen Thug Warehouse. However, other mappers have begun to take the Xen Thug base mechanics and apply them to their own maps. The first of these new maps is Xen Thug Construction by Nick, which is now available as a preview build. With two Xen Thug variants available, you’ve now got some variety in map choice when you want some Alyx wave shooter action.

Read more about Xen thug Warehouse here.

Wolfenstein 3D

This mod brings the first level of the classic shooter into VR, complete with Alyx’s established set of mechanics. You’ll still be using the same weapons and fighting the same enemies from the core game, but classic textures and enemy placements remain the same. Read more here. 


shipyard alyx map

Another mini campaign, this map will see you work your way through a shipyard laden with Combine soldiers. The map puts a much stronger focus on gunplay and combat than some other campaigns, with less detailed environments and puzzles but much more action and shooting. If you want to run through a custom map and shoot some Combine, this is the map for you.


emergence alyx map

This is another polished level with some great environments. However, this map definitely trends toward the horror side of things — you’ll be working your way through dark rooms with only your flashlight to illuminate your surroundings. Not one for the faint of heart!

Those are our picks for best Half-Life: Alyx custom maps, mods and campaigns. Know of any that we missed, or that you think deserve to be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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