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Are burpees not the newest drink craze? Do kettlebells make a ringing or whistling sound? What if I foam roll the “wrong” way and someone sees?! From the lingo to the potential for someone to glance your way as you’re sweating it up in your favorite old shirt (OK, your favorite PJ shirt), sometimes just the thought of stepping one toe in the gym is enough to send you back to the couch. But we’re here to tell you that menacing machinery really isn’t all that complicated if you get shown the ropes and everyone else is sweating too – so you know there won’t be a second glance.

All of that can add up to what we call – Gymtimidation – which, you guessed it, is the feeling of insecurity we get that makes us never want to step inside the gym in the first place or feel totally uncomfortable in our own skin once we’ve made it for our first visit.

Research has found that roughly 50 percent of Americans feel that going to work out in a gym environment in the midst of other people is seen as both difficult and challenging. And 31 percent admit to feeling full-fledged anxiety whenever they think about being physically fit and achieving their desired shape. As if that weren’t enough, more than 16 percent confess to feeling intimidated while they are working out close to or beside a person of the opposite sex.

It’s no wonder that people – even those who want to work on their fitness goals at the gym – could be deterred from ever starting.

But we’re here to tell you that, at least at Youfit, “gymtimidation” has no place! One truth you need to know is that our gym belongs to everyone. Yes, even you. When you don’t feel your best, we’re here to make sure you do feel your best. Even when there’s a fitness fanatic on the machine next to you, and even when there’s an Instagram model nearby (they exist somewhere in the real world, right?).

But it’s important to know that even the right gym environment is only part of the battle. The rest of it starts within you. So it’s important to understand where your fears begin, and why they’re there in the first place. The good news is that, as is true with most fears, they are often irrational – and not real! Meaning, they only live in our own minds. But if you’ll take the first step, we’ll help you with the rest.

Lifting Weights: One activity that people find intimidating is lifting weights. Approximately 39 percent of Americans feel intimidated by it. Hey, we get it. No one wants to feel like a goof for not knowing the difference between a dumb bell and a bar bell (the dumb bells are the compact-sized ones; the barbells are the bigger, long ones). But guess what? The hardest part is the first part – getting over the fear of asking for help. You want to learn to lift weights? Guess what – that’s what we’re here for. Ask a YouCoach, and they’ll be glad to get you off on the right foot.

Fear of Equipment: Free weights are tough, but machines are easy, right? Well, not so fast. Some people feel intimidated here as well. If you are among this group of people, have no fear – again, we can help. We have made platforms available for you to learn how to use some machines even before you get here! Seriously: click on this link (https://www.youfit.com/30dayplancalendar). And if that’s not enough, we’ll gladly give you the grand tour and go through everything you need; then you will be well prepared to start working out and you can take the first step toward achieving your fitness goals.

Listening to the Wrong People: Another thing that can discourage a person from going to the gym is listening to or taking advice from the wrong people. So choose wisely who you listen to. Only listen to people who encourage you to keep up the good work, and don’t try to ‘show off’ what they think they know. If they’re leading to your intimidation – err, gymtimidation – ditch ‘em. To get every member going on the right track, we offer a free fitness assessment with a certified YouCoach. That’s the perfect opportunity to speak with a pro (the right kinda person!) on the ins and out of different machines and what looks right for you.

At Youfit, we are here to lend a helping hand and encourage you throughout your fitness journey. Every day, every visit IS a victory! And in case you also fear commitment, here’s a free guest pass to get you started: https://www.youfit.com/free-pass

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