Google's 'Tilt Brush' Finally Comes to PSVR Today


Google has taken its sweet time bringing its VR creation app Tilt Brush (2016) to PSVR, although having recently slimmed down the app to fit on the modest mobile chipset of Oculus Quest may have given the company needed incentive to finally launch on PSVR. It’s available starting today.

Update (March 27th, 2020): Tilt Brush for PSVR lands on the PlayStation Store today. Original creator Patrick Hackett says in PS blogpost that the PSVR version will feature a Showcase of art and the ability to upload creations to Google Poly, Google’s online 3D asset viewing platform.

US residents will also be able to buy a PlayStation Move Motion Controller Two-Pack & Tilt Brush Bundle will be available exclusively on PlayStation Direct for $100 starting today, which includes two PS Move controllers and a digital code for Tilt Brush.

Check out the new trailer below:

Original Article (March 6th, 2020): PSN data obtained by Gamstat indicates that a listing for Tilt Brush has been recently created for America, Europe and Japan regions.

All games on the PlayStation Store have an identifier code which is listed in the game’s URL. Gamstat has recovered the following store identifiers for Tilt Brush:

America – CUSA18125_00
Europe – CUSA18231_00
Japan – CUSA18283_00

An image was also scraped from the listing, noting that Sony Interactive Entertainment is the app’s publisher.

Image courtesy Gamstat

Although Google has yet to officially announce Tilt Brush for PSVR, the reported data seems to strongly indicate a nearby release on the platform.

Originally launched on PC VR headsets in 2016, Google’s Tilt Brush has become fully-featured VR creation tool, boasting integration with Google’s other 3D VR creation tool Blocks (2017), and the ability to export creations to Sketchfab Google Poly.

It’s uncertain how much of this interoperability the PSVR version will retain, or what Google has done to mitigate the platform’s less accurate motion controls, although it appears we’ll be finding out soon enough.

Special thanks to Twitter user Max Ledroom for pointing out the news.

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