GIVEAWAY: Win Copies Of Pistol Whip, Doctor Who VR, And More!


Happy Holidays, VR fans! Over the weekend Perp Games continued their VR Advent Calendar series of videos in which they’ve been partnering with VR media publications like UploadVR and other content creators to give away select VR games, like Pistol Whip!

For our partnership with Perp Games we’re happy to giveaway four extremely different titles (such as Pistol Whip and Ninja Legends) that are sure to scratch at least one of your gaming itches:



Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Excerpt from Jamie Feltham’s Review:

“Who is at its best when there’s a hook; a gimmick so playful and innovative that anyone can get carried away in the madness that ensues. Instead of testing those waters, The Edge of Time settles for bringing the series’ most tried and true elements directly into headsets in hopes of winning over dedicated fans. It plays more like a rejected episode of the TV series rather than something that fully embraces its platform. The Who faithful be satisfied in that safety, I suspect, but I personally can’t help but wish this was a little more dangerous.”

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of A Doctor Who: The Edge of Time On Steam!


Pistol Whip

Excerpt from Ian Hamilton’s Review:

“Pistol Whip’s multiple difficulties and modifiers like Deadeye and Dual-wield add depth to a game that’s more addictive and satisfying than Beat Saber. This is neither fully a shooter nor completely a rhythm game yet it ticks off both boxes and does so exceptionally quickly in a stylish package. The 10 launch songs, all in the same general musical style, are a bit limiting. Pistol Whip, though, is already the game that brings me back to my VR headset again and again, and I expect that to be the case for months to come. I’ll be in the group waiting for more official scenes to arrive, trying to finish a few more songs in Deadeye mode on hard, showing the game to others and hoping someone figures out how to add custom maps and songs.”

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Pistol Whip!


Ninja Legends

Excerpt from David Jagneaux’ Preview:

“Although I initially wrote off Ninja Legends as just another wave-based VR game recycling assets and gameplay mechanics, it’s actually really fun and well-made with an addictive slow-motion system and satisfying ways to slice enemies in half and lop off body parts…It’s got a very cartoon-style aesthetic which helps alleviate the subject matter and lets you focus on the fun of a good slash. What makes the system so fun is that it isn’t canned animations at all. If you slice through an enemy with enough force you can actually cleave the character model itself into bits.”

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Ninja Legends!


HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice Non-VR Version

NOTE: This is not the VR version of the game, Perp Games instead sent us codes for PS4 (NA and EU), Xbox One, and Switch. We do not have any PC VR codes to give out unfortunately, Perp Games only provided non-VR codes.

Excerpt from David Jagneaux’s Review of the VR version:

“In Hellblade you take on the role of Senua as she descends into the depths of Nordic Hell, otherwise known as Helheim, on a quest to save the soul of her lost lover. Throughout the adventure you’re besieged by twisted, demonic creatures that engage you in ferocious melee combat. The journey consists of battling back these deranged creatures, exploring dark, twisted worlds, and uncovering the meaning behind cryptic symbols and puzzles….a remarkable achievement in visual and sound design…”

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free NON-VR Copy of HellBlade!

Thanks for entering and good luck! Which of these games do you hope to win most: Pistol Whip, Doctor Who VR, Ninja Legends, or the non-VR version of HellBlade?

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