GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of The Wizards Or Sairento On PSVR


Now that we’ve launched our weekly VR news recap video series, VRecap, we’re going to get back to doing weekly game giveaways here at UploadVR! This week it’s The Wizards: Enhanced Edition and Sairento VR, btoh on PSVR.

If you watch VRecap each week on Friday then you can jump into the giveaway pool early. Plus, not every giveaway is going to be posted here on the site as well.

For those unaware, The Wizards: Enhanced Edition on PSVR (read our review) is a first-person action adventure game in which you take on the role of a powerful wizard that can shoot fireballs, summon lightning, and slay dangerous beasts. It’s a linear game about fighting monsters and solving puzzles, but packs a punch and is due for a follow-up coming very soon.

Sairento VR (PC VR version review) is another action adventure VR game, but this time it’s all about fulfilling the fantasy of becoming a cyberpunk ninja that wields katanas, guns, and the ability to flip and jump in slow-motion. You can even run on walls. It’s got one of the most active and intense movement systems of any VR game we’ve played. The PSVR version is shaping up well.

Winners will be randomly selected. We have 10 total copies to give out: 2 physical copies of each and 3 download codes for each. The publisher is going to send out the physical copies and we’ll send you download codes directly via email.

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Sairento VR or The Wizards!

All you have to do is enter at the form above or click this link right here. There are lots of ways to enter to increase your chances of winning.

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