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Gift Name Grade Favorite Gift Of Disliked By Shop Cost Floral Adornment 1 Dedue, Alois, Marianne, Lorenz Sylvain, Dorothea, Caspar 100G Fishing Float 1 Leonie, Seteth, Alois, Gilbert, Linhardt Caspar 100G Tasty Baked Treat 1 Ashe, Mercedes, Flayn, Raphael, Lysithea, Linhardt Felix, Gilbert 100G Gemstone Beads 1 Mercedes, Dorothea, Manuela, Hilda Dimitri, Ingrid, Catherine, Hubert 100G Smoked Meat 1 Felix, Ingrid, Petra, Cyril, Caspar, Raphael Manuela, Marianne 100G Hunting Dagger 2 Shamir, Felix, Petra, Leonie, Cyril, Caspar Annette, Bernadetta, Linhardt, Marianne, Lorenz 300G Watering Can 2 Dedue, Cyril, Bernadetta Sylvain, Lorenz 300G Whetstone 2 Dimitri, Catherine, Caspar, Ferdinand Mercedes, Flayn 300G Stylish Hair Clip 2 Annette, Dorothea, Flayn, Hilda Ingrid, Leonie, Caspar 300G Dapper Handkerchief 2 Sylvain, Flayn, Seteth, Hanneman, Bernadetta, Marianne, Hilda Gilbert 300G Armored Bear Stuffy 3 Mercedes, Flayn, Bernadetta, Lysithea, Marianne, Edelgard, Hilda Dimitri, Felix, Catherine, Lorenz 500G Training Weight 3 Dimitri, Felix, Leonie, Catherine, Caspar, Raphael Bernadetta, Ignatz, Lysithea, Linhardt, Hilda 500G Riding Boots 3 Dimitri, Ingrid, Ferdinand, Claude Mercedes, Manuela 500G Tea Leaves 3 Hanneman, Ferdinand, Lorenz 500G Legends of Chivalry 3 Ingrid, Ashe, Catherine Felix, Seteth, Cyril, Lysithea, Hubert, Hilda 500G Goddess Statuette 3 Mercedes, Manuela, Gilbert, Rhea, Ignatz Dorothea, Edelgard 500G Book of Sheet Music 3 Annette, Dorothea, Manuela Dimitri, Dedue 500G (Dark Merchant) Arithmetic Textbook 3 Lysithea, Annette, Hanneman Ashe, Petra, Catherine 500G (Dark Merchant) The History of Fodlan 3 Seteth Dedue, Cyril 500G (Dark Merchant) Monarch Studies Book 3 Ashe, Alois, Cyril 500G (Dark Merchant) Ancient Coin 3 Ashe, Alois, Rhea, Ignatz Mercedes 500G (Dark Merchant) Owl Feather 3 All None N/A (Explore Monastery) Pitcher Plant 3 Bernadetta N/A (Gardening) Sunflower 3 Shamir, Petra, Alois N/A (Gardening) Violet 3 Ashe N/A (Gardening) Lavender 3 Mercedes N/A (Gardening) Daffodil 3 N/A (Gardening) Carnation 3 N/A (Gardening) Rose 3 Lorenz N/A (Gardening) Forget-me-nots 3 Flayn, Ignatz N/A (Gardening) Lily 3 Lysithea N/A (Gardening) Lily of the Valley 3 Marianne N/A (Gardening) Anemone 3 Hilda N/A (Gardening) Baby’s Breath 3 Cyril N/A (Gardening) Exotic Spices 4 Claude, Dedue, Ashe, Petra, Shamir Hanneman, Alois, Rhea 1,000G Board Game 4 Sylvain, Edelgard, Hubert, Claude Ashe, Manuela 1,000G Ceremonial Sword 4 Dimitri, Felix, Gilbert, Ignatz Annette, Bernadetta, Edelgard 1,000G Coffee Beans 4 Hubert, Shamir Annette, Ferdinand, Lysithea 1,000G Book of Crest Designs 4 Claude, Hanneman, Linhardt Sylvain, Petra, Leonie, Seteth 1,000G (Dark Merchant) Blue Cheese 4 Manuela, Catherine Shamir, Flayn, Hanneman, Claude 1,000G (Dark Merchant) Landscape Painting 4 Sylvain, Ignatz 1,000G (Dark Merchant)

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