Gadgeteer Receiving Big Update, Online Level Sharing Coming Soon


Gadgeteer will receive a big new helping of content on June 11, called the ‘Color and Cubes’ update.

The update adds a coloring feature to the game, so players can make more complex and decorated virtual Rude Goldberg machines that fit to their desired aesthetic.

Gadgeteer released late last year for PC VR and Oculus Quest, and has received a few updates since launch. However, the new colors and cubes update and the one that will proceed it look to be the biggest released for the game yet.

With colors and cubes, developers have added new gadgets — the ‘Start Cube’ and ‘End Cube’ — and a new ‘Color Toolhead’ to the game, which lets you color your machines in over 60 different colors. Metanaut CEO and Co-Founder Peter Kao said that the feature was developed despite the fact that nobody has actually asked for it. “We trusted our gut and made the risky decision to develop a feature nobody asked for,” he said. “We saw passionate players build these incredible machines—but no matter how different they were mechanically, they all looked the same.”

As an excellent example of what’s possible with the tool, Metanaut posted a new trailer, embedded above, showing a marble race that wouldn’t have been possible without the new additions.

This updates leads into an even larger planned update that will add that ability to share level creations online, allowing users to download and try out other users’ virtual Rude Goldberg machines. The color and cubes update lays the foundation for the next update, ensuring players will be able to design a machine in whatever color scheme and ensuring there are visual differences between each machine.

The colors and cubes update will be available from June 11, and the level sharing update is scheduled for release in August.

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