Full Lies Beneath Trailer Shows Intense VR Scares


With just over a week to go until launch, Oculus is going full-stream ahead with trailers for VR action-horror game, Lies Beneath.

In fact, a new full-length trailer went live for the game as part of Facebook’s Game Developers Showcase this week. Whilst the past few trailers for Lies Beneath have focused on one aspect of the game, this offers a broader look at the overall package.

It’s suitably creepy in tone, with the creak of a rocking chair resonating throughout. But it also starts to give us more of an idea of how Lies Beneath will end up playing, with a better look at some of the game’s physics interactions and shootouts.

While this is definitely a scary-looking VR horror, Lies Beneath also looks like a truly weird action game, with different deranged enemy types attacking our hero, Mae. It looks like it could strike an interesting balance between the tone of a horror game like Silent Hill and something high octane, such as Doom.

In Lies Beneath, Mae returns home to the fictional Alaskan town of Slumber. She finds the place overrun with monsters and sets out to save her father. The game’s developed by Drifer, which previously made Gunheart for PC VR headsets and ported Epic Games’ Robo Recall to Quest.

Lies Beneath is coming to Oculus Quest on March 31. The Rift version will follow on April 14. We’ll hopefully be able to bring you full impressions of the game in the coming days. Are you going to be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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