Firewall Zero Hour Gets New Contractor And F.O.B. Sandstorm Map


Firewall Zero Hour is receiving a mid-season update during Operation: Nightfall which includes a free new map in Afghanistan called FOB and new contractor Lynx.

Firewall Zero Hour is almost a year old and its still getting new content on a regular basis. Following the release of Operation Nightfall the PSVR-exclusive team-based tactical VR shooter suffered from a slew of connection issues and bugs that rendered it basically unplayable for weeks. Luckily, that’s all been resolved and First Contact Entertainment have it back up and running.

Yesterday, the developers revealed the mid-season update that includes a brand new map located in Afghanistan (free for all players) and a brand new Contractor named Lynx that can revive himself as a special perk. You can see more details on both in the trailer below:

What makes the new map, dubbed F.O.B. (Forward Operation Base) is that it features a persistent sandstorm as a weather hazard that limits visibility and introduces some really interesting dynamics by being both a relatively large map that is difficult to use long-ranged weapons on. This update also includes improved AI for the single player training missions, which has been sorely needed for quite some time.

With its one-year anniversary fast-approaching, Firewall Zero Hour is top of mind still for lots of PSVR players. It just came off a free weekend promoted on PS4, which included double XP for all players, and the previous release of its Hangar map.

During our E3 VR Showcase, First Contact Entertainment also announced their next game dubbed Solaris: Offworld Combat, which is coming to both Oculus Quest and Rift next year.

For more on Firewall Zero Hour, read our review, check out our full guide to all weapons and equipment, and scan the new player intel we’ve published previously to get up to speed.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect that Solaris is coming out in 2020, not this year.

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