Final Assault Passes PSVR TRC, Release Date Announcement Imminent


Final Assault launched for PC VR in May last year, and we’re now one step closer to being able to play the title on PlayStation VR.

Developer Phaser Lock Interactive announced that Final Assault has passed PlayStation’s TRC (Technical Requirements Check) and a release date will be announced later this month. Each platform has its own version of a TRC, which takes the form of a document given to developers detailing all the requirements that a game must adhere to before it releases onto the platform.

With the TRC check out of the way, Final Assault is closer than ever for PSVR fans. One of the best aspects of the PSVR port is that it will support cross platform PVP with the PC VR release as well. They noted that “it was a tough port” to get Final Assault onto the PlayStation platform, but they’re excited for fans to get their hands on it.

The game is a VR real-time strategy (RTS) game with a cartoony art style, set during World War II. We enjoyed the PC VR version of the game on release and we went hands-on with the PSVR version back in September of last year. Not only was the PSVR version on par with PC VR version, but the PSVR launch will also bring new content to both versions of the game, featuring two new maps, new divisions, and new customization options.

Some performance changes had to be made to the game in order to achieve parity and cross play compatibility with all platforms, according to Final Assault designer Todd Bailey back in September. “Our fan base has been very lenient with us so far, they’ve been understanding about the changes we’ve had to make. They want more people to play against. The biggest complaint we get is that they keep playing against the same people.”

As a beginning-to-mid level RTS, Final Assault should feel right at home on PSVR. Keep an eye out for a release date later this month.

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