Fight Off Mutated Fruit Monsters In Juicy Realm, A Twin-Stick Shooter Coming To Switch


SpaceCan Studio and X.D. Network have revealed that twin-stick shooter Juicy Realm will be launching on Nintendo Switch next month.

The game has players shooting their way through bizarre, mutated fruit monsters who appear to be invading the entire planet. The story goes that a meteor struck the Earth and has mutated fruit and plants, turning them into some kind of intelligent monstrosity.

You’ll be taking on the role of a soldier on the front lines, fighting against the odd new enemy and aiming to protect what’s left of your world. You’ll have access to nine different characters, all with unique skills, and you’ll be able to acquire similarly silly but effective weapons by killing off your enemies.

The game supports local split-screen co-op, so you can pass a Joy-Con to your friend to take on the bad fruit together, and there’s plenty more you can expect, too:

What to expect from Juicy Realm:
– Rougelite elements with random terrains, treasures, and monsters
– Loads of special weapons and items
– Unique and incredibly detailed art style
– Expand your camp and unlock inheritable features
– Solo campaign and local multiplayer
– High difficulty modifier for players who enjoy the challenge
– Limited-time exclusive character and boss rush mode

The game will be launching on 7th November with a tasty first-week discount. At launch, you’ll be able to grab it for $11.99 / £10.79; standard pricing is $14.99 / £13.49.

Do you like the look of this one? Let us know if you’ll be fighting the foliage with a comment below.

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