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The FIFA 20

closed beta has begun, but early players have been quick to post images and video capture from the game online, revealing a variety of fun things that can be achieved in EA’s latest entry in the long-running football franchise.It’s against EA’s rules to stream, screenshot or record any content from the beta, but that’s not deterred some players from doing it anyway. As discovered by Eurogamer, the various videos have revealed a few tidbits that didn’t make the original marketing brief by EA.

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The manager customization menu is packed with tweakable appearances, including beard dye.

A special rainbow beard skin means your manager can watch from the sidelines with a goatee that would not look out of place on a unicorn.

Fans have leaked capture of the walkout for Real Madrid star Isco, which moves through a stadium tunnel awash with sparks and light before Isco appears doing the worm dance. It’s a 20 second long animation that’s not short on spectacle.

If this video is anything to go by, the new pack opening walkouts are going to be seriously extra.

A new player celebration comes in the form of Everton star Richarlison’s pigeon dance, which has made it into FIFA 20.

Finally, it looks like players will still have to select their preferred language of play every time they boot up FIFA. Though this time, there’s no wavy animation on the flag. We’re doing a bit of a sad face at that. We liked the wavy flags.

FIFA 20 and VOLTA Mode

These tweaks add some colour to last week’s announcement of a bunch of new changes to FIFA’s career mode, including the ability to play as a female manager, game impacting team talks, and changes to effects on players based on performance.Alysia Judge is a writer and presenter. Follow her on Twitter @alysiajudge.

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